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Energy Management Tools

Energy Management Tools (EMTs) refer to technology and products designed to help you understand and better manage your energy use and save money.

For Homes and Small Businesses

From smart home products like thermostats to free online energy usage and management tools offered by your local energy providers, EMTs offer a growing range of options to help Californians—at all income levels—conserve energy and save money.

Small businesses can also integrate EMTs to better understand their energy usage. Data can inform operations so that managers can run their business more efficiently and profitably.

Suited to you

With so many products and services available and more coming to the marketplace, everyone has an opportunity to save energy. Find what best meets your needs given your residential or small business situation and budget. Product rebates may also be available, so check with your local energy provider.

Online tools

Log in to your account with your local energy provider to participate in online billing and explore digital tools that provide budget assistance, advice and support for creating monthly usage goals.


Programmable thermostats, home area networks (HANs), residential and small business pay-for-performance incentive programs and other innovations are or will soon be supported by your energy provider.