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Home Energy Assessment

You could save 5% to 30% on your energy bills by making efficiency improvements as identified in your home energy assessment.

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Understanding Your Energy Usage

When operating at full energy efficiency, your home could increase in value and even feel more comfortable. The first step in improving your home energy efficiency is understanding your energy usage and the best place to start is with your energy bills.

Knowing how much you use, what rate(s) you are paying and how your bills are calculated are all important factors for effectively managing your energy costs.

Many energy providers offer online account access along with information and tools to help you assess, manage and improve your energy consumption. They provide you with a variety of ways to take control of and manage your energy usage, including:

  • Finding low-cost and no-cost solutions for your home that save energy and money
  • Learning how much energy your home uses
  • Discovering the latest energy-efficient technology

Log into your energy account to learn more about your usage.



Try a Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Assessment using these simple tips.

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