AFK for California | Energy Upgrade California



Gamers: it's time to level up to save California. Did you know that gaming computers use six times more energy than a typical PC? But during the CA summer heat waves that extra energy use can lead to power outages, and no power = no gaming.

But there is a simple solution. During a Flex Alert, go AFK from 4-9 PM to help save the power for all 40 million residents of the state and to keep gaming late into the night. All the big names on Twitch are already on board, so what are you waiting for? Join the mission to power down our rigs on the hottest summer days and power up the city.



When a heatwave hits, a Flex Alert informs you when the power grid is at capacity and encourages you to reduce energy use from 4-9 PM, like shutting off your rig for a few hours during these critical times.



It's easy. When a Flex Alert is called, go AFK from 4-9 PM to use less energy. And what you do with that time is up to you! Go for a walk, nap, carve a self-portrait out of soap… as long as it doesn't use a lot of energy, the options are… endless?

Take a break from gaming and take the lead from your favorite streamers - tune in to Twitch to see how they use less energy during a Flex Alert. See them carve a birdhouse, make Shirley Temples, or give their shaggy Maltese a fresh summer cut, and who knows, you might feel inspired to pick up a digital-free hobby too!