The Power is Ours to prevent outages with Flex Alerts.

And when you help unplug an outage, you get money back.

Power Saver Rewards

Flex Alerts remind us when and how to save energy during the heat of the summer. And now, we can earn some cash when we save energy during a Flex Alert through Power Saver Rewards.

Who is your utility provider? Click through to learn more and sign up for Power Saver Rewards.

learn how to save money through power saver rewards on the pg and e site  learn how to save money through power saver rewards on the southern california edison site learn how to save money through power saver rewards on the sdge site

Cost rewards earned through energy conservation actions during a Flex Alert event will be credited to a future bill statement. To find more details on how cost rewards are calculated and applied to your bill, and additional program details, visit your local utility provider’s Power Saver Rewards website.

Flex Alerts

Steps depicting how heat waves cause Californians to user more energy, putting a strain on energy sources and causing power outages.

Let's play our part and stop power outages.

Check out these tips to see what actions we can all take to save energy during a Flex Alert.




Run your AC cooler during the day to enjoy a cool evening.



Use major appliances early and enjoy your evening worry-free.

Window shades

Window shades

Enjoy the sun in the AM and adjust window coverings in the PM to keep your home cool.



Take a load off your AC and set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher.


Take a load off your appliances and delay dishes and laundry until the morning.

Lights Out

Take a load off your lights and turn off what you don’t need. Make it a game – it can be fun!


When we help stop an outage and keep our power up and running, then we don’t need to rely on dirtier sources of energy like a backup generator.

What's the difference between Flex Alerts and Public Safety Power Shutoffs?

So, can I help prevent a
Public Safety Power Shutoff?

You can’t...PSPS are planned
outages to help prevent wildfires so we have no control over preventing them.

Okay, so how about Flex Alerts?
Can they prevent outages.

They sure can! Flex Alerts notify us of preventable outages. They’re triggered during heat waves when everyone is using energy to stay cool. But if we reduce our energy use from 4-9PM, together, we can help prevent outages from occurring.